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Die Magie des Winters

Put on your skis!

In winter here in the Chiemgau area, simply put on your skis and enjoy your time on the slopes!

The blue sky, crystal clear air, fresh powder snow.

In winter you will find slopes full of snow, perfect for a fantastic winter sport day. Are you ready for lots of entertainment and fun in our Chiemgau skiing area? Numerous downhill runs, winter paths and our cross-country ski and snow skater trails are always prepared on suitable weather.

Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ski tours, moonlight lugging, ice stock sport or just relax a couple of hours in the wonderful Bavarian paradise.

Winkelmoos – Steinplatte – Hochkössen (our skiing areas)
Kampenwandbahn (mountain railway)

 A perfect place for quiet "bon viveurs and action freaks!

Deep snow
Deep snow freaks have the possibility to select the perfect ski trail in nature reserve Geigelstein, Discover our snowy forests and fields which are prepared for winter hiking trails and snowshoeing tours.

Sledging and tobogganing

The attractiveness of the landscape guarantees novices and advanced skiers the best conditions for tobogganing and sledging on our numerous bob and luge tracks. The correct "dose" of fun.

Hochplatte – Staffnalm – and Hemmersuppen are a high light for our sledging fans

Cross-country  and snow skater trails Throughout the Chiemgau an idyllic network of beautifully maintained trails extends out over the region.  A wonderful, stunning landscape with a fantastic track  which can reach 1 100 meters it´s a special treat for all our guests.

Separated trails offers plenty of space to prevent for the cross-country skier and snow skaters getting in each other's way

Some of the village tracks offers also an own trail for walkers.

The reason why cross-country skiing is one of the most beautiful regeneration therapy is:

Fascinating, how to glide closed nearly weightlessly throughout the dreamy winter landscape.

Switch off, relax and devote yourself to your wellbeing and health in an atmosphere

sure to stimulate your senses while you are cross-country skiing. 

 Sheet ice
Having winter fun with ice skating or curling in the Chiemgau area on natural ice rinks.

Our skiing schools and sport stores ensure, you will get with the right swing to get through the winter.
Skischule-Achental (skiing school)
Skischule Reit im Winkl (skiing school)


The 'Après-Ski' includes many localities both upon and next to the trails. Nevertheless the best place is our main house where the cook Basti waiting for you.

His food is simply sensational - the cook in his kitchen manages to cook menus which are better than in some gourmet restaurants - it is kind of magic